Parts used-Flowers and plant

Actions and Uses: This herb reduces inflammation, stimulates the appetite, and aids digestion and sleep.  It acts as a diuretic and a nerve tonic and is helpful for colitis, diverticulosis, fever, headaches and pain.  It is a traditional remedy for stress and anxiety, indigestion and insomnia.  Used as a mouth wash  for minor mouth and gum infections.  Chamomile is one of the best all-around children’s herbs and used in treating colic, nervous stress, infections and stomach disorders.

Phytochemical and Nutrient Content: Alpha-bisabolol, azulene, borneol, caffiec acid, kaempferol, luteolin, quercetin, rutin, vitamins B1, B3, and C.

General Information: This small gentle herb has a long history of use as a beverage tea, but is equally valued for its powerful medicinal properties.  Chamomile demonstrates to us that gentle does not mean less effective.  The three major areas of use are the nervous system, the immune system and the digestive system.

Caution: Should be used with caution by those with allergies to ragweed and those using sedatives or alcohol.